Syllable Fun!

I LOVE playing literacy games with my this week we focused on learning all about syllables.  It went really well with the letter we are learning to print, "D", since we talked about how syllables and drum beats are similar.

I had each student stand up one at a time and together as a class we practiced clapping that student's name using our syllables.  All day long, I asked students to do different things such as: "If your name has 2 syllables, go wash your hands for snack" or "If your name has 3 syllables, it's time to get ready to go home".  They had a blast!

I am going to be putting out my Syllable Clapping game next week at my Word Work centre (which is housed in a bucket on my Literacy Shelf).  The students have to each wear a pair of "clapping gloves" (gardening gloves), choose a card and clap how many syllables that word has.  The answers are on the back - I like to write the number of syllables and the word as well.

You can click on the picture below if you would like to check out my Syllable Fun pack!

Here is another fun thing I like to do every Fun Friday - well, that really means every Friday!  I just call it Fun Friday because we get to go a lot of other fun things we don't do during the week...such as...Child of the Day.  We learn all about one student (I choose a random name from the popsicle stick names I have in a small container) and 3 students ask him/her questions.  (I do a little talk about the difference between questions and comments otherwise everyone seems to want to say a comment!)  We record the answers on chart paper - and later the Child of the Day gets to take it home with them.  The best part of it is this pocket chart activity we do first as a whole group.  See the section that says "Clap it!  How many syllables?"  - we always practice our syllables!

Happy teaching!


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