Terry Fox Walk....tomorrow!

Tomorrow is our annual Terry Fox walk at our school.
We spoke a little about Terry today and how we will be having fun tomorrow and remembering how brave Terry was to raise awareness to cancer.
To learn more about Terry Fox please view the video below.
To celebrate and honour this Canadian hero, we will be having a Civvies day tomorrow where we ask the children to wear red and white.
I have blogged about our Daily Schedule before (click here to read all about how we use it on a regular basis in our class) and since tomorrow we will be having a special morning dedicated to Terry Fox, I created a card for our schedule.
If you use my Daily Schedule cards I your classroom, you can click on the picture below to download your free copy!
To see all of the Daily Schedule cards please click the picture below.
Looking forward to our walk tomorrow!

Using the phone book at the Dramatic Play Center...FREE download!

Each year, the Dramatic Play Centre is a class favourite!
Even though school just started, I can already see how much interest there is at this centre.
Students have been "cooking" food, setting the table, creating menus and using the telephone to call people and places.
My in-laws gave me this phone a few years back - if you have a real one that you no longer use, add it to your Dramatic Centre.  The students love pretending that it is real!
We listen to the children and plan for our program based on their interests and wonders.  Over the years, our Dramatic Centre has been a grocery store, bakery, doctor's office, ice cream parlor and so much more! 
Students can make an appointment by calling the doctor, order a cake by calling the bakery, etc.
You can add this to your Dramatic Play Centre and see all of the possibilities. 
Last week I noticed that one student spent much of her time reading the phone numbers in our phone book and identifying the numbers.  What a great way to practice number identification!
I decided to update this old phone book.
Click {here} if you would like to download a copy of the phone book with numbers already included.
Click {here} for a download of a blank phone book for you to write in your own numbers.
Have fun!

Travelling Tuesday....with Kate Hitch from World of Wonders

I am so excited to be featuring Kate Hitch from World of Wonders this week on my blog!
Kate started her blog last spring but it's already growing full of inspirational ideas. 
I was fortunate enough to actually meet Kate last spring through a course we took together!
Her classroom environment is so inviting!
I love the small wooden tent with lights strung inside.  What a wonderful way to create a safe, quiet space for her students to read, relax and reflect.
Everything is neat and tidy, this shelf is a great way to keep materials organized and inviting, so that students can choose to create using a variety of items.
I was mesmerized by the creativity her students showed and the interest they had in creating their Fairy Garden. 
Lots of hands-on, co-created experiences take place in Kate's classroom.  Here the students are experimenting with a way to dye eggs naturally by making their own dye!
This simple provocation invites students to use loose parts to explore a variety of lines.
Here is another way for students to use loose parts for open ended play.
Kate explains how she documents in a variety of ways...here is one example of an Inquiry Map.  You can see how one idea, or wonder, has evolved!
Please share an insight...
"I was initially inspired by Reggio Emilia and fell in love with the fact that it is not a prescription. Making it my own has been an enjoyable journey and true passion. I once read that Kindergarten should be a magical place for children. I have strived to make it just that ever since. "
For more inspiring ideas please visit Kate's blog!
Do you have a classroom that encompasses the same philosophies and beliefs about emergent curriculum as we do?

We would love to feature your blog/website for an upcoming Travelling Tuesday!

Please leave a comment below with a link to your site or send me an e-mail.

Thanks for travelling with us this week!