Under the Sea.....and the countdown begins!

I'm so sorry for not blogging in a while and I appreciate the e-mails from everyone to check on me.  I'm great - just so busy!
It's Victoria Day today here in Canada...which means a day off!  Yippee!  I'm up early because we have all kinds of fun things planned with our little ones.  First it's a trip to the garden centre...time to plant our herbs!

Anyways, if you are anything like me, when you read the title of this blog post you have the Disney song "Under the Sea" in your head.  These past few weeks, since we started our Under the Sea theme, that song has been constantly in my head!

Here's what we have been doing in my room this week...
This is my Write the Room Under the Sea activity.  The kiddies take a clipboard with a worksheet and find all of the hidden words around the classroom.  SO.MUCH.FUN!

I brought my kinders to the Library so that we could use the Smartboard.  They loved this activity!  It's a Message in a Bottle.  I paired them up and using the clues on the whiteboard they had to match the letter to the picture and solve their message.
I had 3 different messages so that they don't just copy the person sitting next to them.

Here's what I have planned for tomorrow and Wednesday.
We have been learning about word families and in this activity the students must make a word and draw it. 

I think that they will love searching and counting the creatures in the sea in this Look and Find activity.  Since we are getting really good at putting words in alphabetical order I thought my students would have fun with this cute activity (look on the right hand side of the photo).

You can find all of the above activities in my
We set up a pretend store in the afternoon during our math block.  My kiddies are getting so good at identifying coins!
(Yes, this has nothing to do with Under the Sea but I thought I would share anyways!)
And finally...the countdown begins!  One more month to go and it's summer vacation for me!  As I mentioned earlier, it's a long weekend for us and I have been enjoying mine so far.  We took our kids to Canada's Wonderland on Saturday.  That's an amusement park that's literally a few blocks away from our house....so we bought our Season Passes...guess where I am going next weekend?
Click on the picture to download.
Here's a little freebie for you from my newest unit,
I know that many of you finish this week.  Lucky ducks!
Hope you will be able to enjoy this with your kiddos before summer break starts.
We will be doing many activities from this unit in the next few weeks.  I love how it ties in really well after the Under the Sea theme.  As for this week, we are going on a field trip on Thursday and Friday!  Fun!!!


Spring into Art Show!

Last night my school had our Spring into Art show and let me tell you, it was a HUGE success!
Yes, a lot, I mean, a LOT of work was put into this by the students, teachers and educational assistants.  I don't think I would have been able to accomplish such a great display and wonderful art work without the help of Mrs. Chiovitti and Mrs. Sampogna.
I know that I have said this before but I really do have the best team working with me in Kindergarten!  I love them all!

Okay, now on to the show....
The theme for the Kindergarten display was Under the Sea.
We made a background for the wall directly across from our table display (thank you to Scrappin' Doodles for the clipart that we enlarged)

This is a paper mache lobster that one of my SK classes made.
Here is what my other SK class made...adorable jellyfish!
They look great hanging from the ceiling!

This is an octopus that a JK class made.

This is a starfish that another JK class created.

Here are some turtles under our tree...
The tree was so easy to make, thanks to Deanna Jump for her idea and directions!

I love how the Rainbow Fish craft came out!  And it was so easy to make too!

These are paper mache blowfish.  Every fish was amazing!

These seahorses are cute too!  They were made using shaving cream and paint!

More pictures of our display...

We had a great time last night!  I know that all of the kiddies were so proud of their work and so were we!
Now it's on to SK Graduation next month.
But we are busy practicing, practicing, practicing!

Oh, and one more thing!
I was so happy to hear from Sandra at Classroom Companion letting me know that I won her Thirty-One contest! 
If you haven't been by her blog yet, you should definitely pass by and tell her I sent you!
She has such amazing ideas and it's so colourful and cute!
Classroom Companion

I'm totally exhausted so it's bedtime for me.
Have a wonderful Friday tomorrow!  Yippee!


I {heart} teachers! Let's have a sale!

I love my job...no LOVE my job!

I remember growing up and having some people discourage me from entering the teaching profession.  In fact, I worked nearly a year in the advertising industry when I finished university...glad those days are done!
I'm so glad I listened to my heart and became a teacher....and best of all, I love teaching kindergarten!

As a thank you to all my fellow teachers out there, I am having a sale in my TpT store for 3 days starting tomorrow.
It's 20% off everything and if you use code TAD12 you can a total of 28%!
Be sure to stock your carts now for this huge Teacher Appreciation sale!

Sending all of my teacher friends a big "thank you!" for all of your hard work, dedication and love for your students!


A big thank you...and freebie!!!

Oh, my goodness!
I cannot believe the OVERWHELMING response I got from my friends in blog-land the other night!

For those of you who didn't read my previous post from the other day, I entered a Facebook contest to a fantastic store in Toronto (Canada).  They sell embroidered items and I was hoping to win so that I could use the gift certificate towards a few things I need want in my classroom.
Well, I WON!!!

Thank you so much to everyone who "liked" my comment (and those of you who actually wrote a comment - so sweet!).
I really wanted to say thank you for taking the time to do that for me so I created this *free* emergent reader and teacher big book for an Under the Sea theme for everyone.
We are actually starting an Under the Sea theme very soon so I know this will be a great way to introduce the unit to my kiddies....thought you might like it as well!
Click on the picture to download.
Next Wednesday is our art show and I cannot tell you how busy we are at our school getting ready for that!  My little kinders have been hard at work...one class made the cutest jellyfish using tissue paper and balloons and the other class made paper mache lobsters that came out awesome!

Sorry I haven't posted pictures for a while...I feel like my plate is so full right now I honestly forgot to snap pictures in the classroom!
I'll post pics soon!
As for me, I'm so beat!  What a week so far...really need Friday night to get here so that I can relax (I hope!).

TGITh tomorrow (okay, so I totally made that up but it's one day closer to the weekend!)