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Happy teaching!

Math Centres!

What a busy week!  We had a wonderful Peace Week this past week - I was so proud of all of my students for being peacemakers.  I heard them say to each other "I love your drawing", and "I'll help you clean up!".  I really think the message got through that we should always try to the best we can be, no put downs, tattle-tailers, or "meanies" (as we call them) in our class! 

This week we also started focusing on numbers to 5.  My goal is to have students become familiar with numbers to 10 by Christmas - recognizing the numbers both in order and out of order, printing the numbers, and showing me how many of that number using manipulatives.

This was a fun and quick matching game we played as a class on my whiteboard.  I made these number and dot cards with a magnetic backing.  The students had to come up, choose a number, tell me what it was and match the dot card to it.  So much fun!  They wanted to play all day.  I only introduced numbers to 5 but if you click on the link below you can have all of the cards to 10.

I had one centre where students used clothpins and clipped them on to the matching number card.  I bought these number cards at the Dollar Store.

I will be introducing a new centre game next week, All About Numbers, where students will spin the spinner and match the number card to their game card.  You can find this game and 4 other centre games in my newest resource,
Math Center Fun on Tpt! 

Also included are centre games using addition, telling time to the hour, shape recognition and coin matching.

Happy teaching!


Peace Week

I really love this time of year...the leaves are changing colours, the weather is cool but not freezing (yet!) and...most importantly...my students are *finally* on a routine that they are able to follow and understand on their own.  Yah!

I also love this time of year because our class gets to focus on being peacemakers.  Teaching about why we remember those that fought for us in the wars past and present is always difficult in kindergarten.  Mentioning the word "war" usually brings on lots of questions and sometimes emotions so strong for some kids that I would rather focus on how we can act kindly towards one another.  So when my teaching partner, Mrs. Angelucci (did I mention before that this is her first year in Kindergarten - she was a grade 1 teacher for years - and she is phenomenal!) found this amazing book to read with the kids I jumped right on it. 

I *LOVE* this book!
It's so perfect for my kiddies!  The story is all about how the students in Miss Fox's class try to be peacemakers for Peace Week.  We brainstormed in our class how we can be peacemakers and decided that starting Monday it will be "Peace Week" in our class too! 
I can't wait - I really hope that this will allow the kids to see that tattle-tailing and name calling are things we really don't need to do!

Tomorrow is Remembrance Day and the class has been busy this week preparing a cute dove craft to hang outside our door.
We wrote in our journals about our wishes for the world.  We brainstormed first and I was so proud of the answers the kids gave (well, you know, you always get one or two kids with the most outrageous and funny answers - at least it gave me a laugh!).  This one was so cute!  I love the picture of the kids sitting and being 'good'!

I will let you know how Peace Week goes next week!