Cleaning up!

Well I finally found some time this past week to rummage through my work boxes downstairs in the hopes of starting to get organized for September.  To be honest, I think it's my computer that needs organizing!  I have so many files here, there and everywhere!  For those of you that know me, I don't really like leaving things to the last minute (I know, you are probably thinking is this lady crazy? preparing for September now?) but the truth is that I use each and every free minute to do something useful and I know that this summer is going to be crazy with me planning two kids birthday parties and so many other events!  I did manage to find these files on my computer which I already set aside in my to-do pile.  The Birthday List is just a list that I use to record students' birthdays (I keep this in my planning binder for reference - although there is a large birthday bulletin board in my class for students to see).  I also included one of my favourite lit. centres for students.  It's homemade and although I don't tend to use too many homemade things in my class (they get ruined too fast) I do like this one very much.  It's called Roll-A-Letter game.  I also attached Roll-A-Word game.  They are played the same way.  All you need is blank dice (I bought mine at Michaels Craft Store).  Just write the letters (or words) on them and have students roll the dice and record their answers.  You can ask them to do it a specific number of times or for a certain period of time.  The blank grid is attached too so that you can print and make your own.  Okay, so the more I clean up and organize the more I will post.  Happy teaching!


Look at me! I'm "blogging"!

Wow! I can't believe I am actually doing this!  I never imagined that I would "blog".  I just recently found out the true meaning of be honest I didn't think anyone actually read these things.  Then I stumbled upon some wonderful kindergarten blogs and it got me thinking that I would love to have one too!  I always have so much on my mind, especially for new ideas in the classroom.  I am actually on a maternity leave this year, away from my lovely kindergarten students, but for those who know me, I am always thinking about ways to get creative with my students.  So even though I am at home this year, when my two little ones are asleep each afternoon, I am busy getting ready for back-to-work (a few more months away).  I am currently working on some unit plans for the first few units we do at the beginning of the year, Apples and Fall Fun.  They should be ready soon!  As for me, I am beat!  What a long day so I think I am going to head off to bed...until next time!!!  Good night!