Farm Fun - Part 1

I have read so many blog posts lately about ending your school year THIS WEEK!
We actually don't end until the end of June...yes, the very LAST day of June!
But that's okay because I am still full of energy and have lots planned with my little ones!
(Ask me how I feel in a few weeks!)
We have been learning all about the farm during the month of May.
Today we worked on this cute activity from Julie Lee's Faces of the Farm activity.
They came out so cute!
I love how the groups decided on a sentence to describe each animal and wrote it underneath.
We also got started with these math centres:
Counting the animals in the barn and circling the number that is more.
We are learning to tell time to the hour and half hour so we got some practice reading clocks with this activity.
Counting the dots on Kitty.
Ordering the numbers.  This was a little difficult at first, but the kinders sure got the hang of it quickly!
Here are a couple of literacy centres we worked on:
Opening up a packet of "seeds" and unscrambling the letter tiles to form sight words (I like to have a chart of all the words available for those little ones who need a little extra help)
Working on CVC words -> the students had to read the word and change the middle vowel so that the word made sense.
We ended off our day by reading a story I wrote called Down on Grandpa's Farm.  The kids loved the animals that were in the story - and can't wait to see them at the farm this week!
You can find these activities and my story in my Down on the Farm unit on TpT.
I added (and nearly DOUBLED!) this unit back in March.  If you own it and haven't downloaded the revised version, you can for free by going to My Purchases and clicking on this unit.
We are off to Round the Bend farm this Thursday and Friday.
I just hope that the rain holds off!
Lots more farm to come....


Catching up....and a GIVEAWAY!

I can't believe that it's been nearly a week since I've last posted!  Sorry!
I just don't know where the time is going!
I was planning to post yesterday all about what we did in class for Mother's Day, I was caught up in Game 6 of the Toronto Maple Leafs and Boston Bruins.
Actually, I have to make this a quick post too as GAME 7 (yikes!) starts shortly!

We made these adorable coasters for Mother's Day. The kids drew a picture of their mom and we glued and podged it down to the granite tile.
Here it is all wrapped up!
I also wanted to let you know that, as per many requests, I *finally* finished my newest
I've added this one and the Gingerbread theme to my Write the Room Complete Set so please go to My Purchases and re-download this if you bought it so you can get these new ones!
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It has all 32 Write the Room activities....and growing!
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And I'm so excited to announce.....
I've started a project on MYCLASSNEEDS.CA - which is the Canadian version of Donors Choose.
I am in desperate need of a Guided Reading table.  I love doing things in small groups...reading, writing, even math, and this table will definitely allow me to do that!
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Thank you in advance for all your generosity from both myself and my students.
I am really hoping that this project is a success!